Re: TI-H: ti webring for zshell stuff developers


Re: TI-H: ti webring for zshell stuff developers

> >there already is a webring going...if you want to join, go to:
> >
> >-Brandon Turok
> This was not what I meant.  This webring will be for developers only, you
> know, the people who take the time to actually make new things for the calc.
> Not the people who mooch off of other peoples creations.  Only the people
> who _MAKE_ stuff can join.  Now do you understand?  I sure hope so.

   Dude, Kevin, chill out.  If you want a ring for developers that's cool,
but there's no reason to go off on someone.  If you don't want people
mooching off your code, then write some copy-protection.  Hacking TIs is a
hobby, it sould be fun!  Let's concentrate on interesting new programs and
not biting other people's heads off.

BTW: Any TI-92 II owners out there, I'm working on a modifyed core.o file
which may work on the expanded memory size.  However, since I don't have
the extra RAM, I have no way of testing it (kinda a shot in the dark I'd
say).  If you've got some time on your hands, contact me and we'll try to
get something out.  Thanks!