Re: TI-H: Multimaster I2C routines


Re: TI-H: Multimaster I2C routines

Andy Johnson wrote:

> > Then there'd be a variant for the general call address (00000000) that
> > every I2C device receives. This will be very similar, but requires some
> > thought. It could, for example, be used for "All hosts, identify
> > yourself" -type requests, public messages in a chat program etc.
> You could also have a specific id code that many calcs would respond to
> as a kind of chat room.  Only calculators in that chat room should
> respond.

Good point. But that could be done in the chat program only, so the
"room id" would reside in the freeform data inside a packet with the
"chat" protocol id.

Now who wants to make a multimaster I2C chat program? =)


*** Osma Suominen *** ***

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