Re: TI-H: Running Apps. Off Expander


Re: TI-H: Running Apps. Off Expander

No Body wrote:
> I have been talking to many of my local friends who are very avare of
> hardware and software workings on computers (as am I) and we have come
> to a blank in our pool of knowledge.  Is it possible to set up a data
> stream from the memory expander (By Mel Tsai)so that programs could be
> run directly from the expander?  If not,  why?  The transfer rate is
> 5kb/S and so i dont think that the prossesor is too fast for the data
> stream...
> Perhaps one of you can fill me in.

Processors work by executing instructions from RAM and/or ROM, but not
from an external device. You have to transfer the program first to RAM
and then execute it from there (possibly just part of it at a time). And
the 6 MHz Z80 is way faster than 5kb/s...I think it's closer to 1 MB/s.


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