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>> It's a modified RAM backup, and I haven't heard of a way to make a
>> program similar to ZShell on a TI-82, because it has no Custom menu or
>> anything like that. You need a way to start the shell, and I think it's
>> impossible to run programs from the 82's RAM.
>If a person was willing, they could sacrifice one little function on
>their calculator in order to provide a way in.  I mean, you don't REALLY
>need the 10^x function, it's quite easy to hit 1,0,^.  I'm sure there
>are other functions which are solely there for convenience, and could be
>sacrificed for the coolness of an OS82.
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>Jake Robb
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This has me excited! I think that someone should bring this up to the
Z-SHELL guys.  I think that most serious TI-82 freaks would gladly give up
the 10^x function in order to run assembly programs on an 82.  Where did
you see this rom dump util?

Brian D. Easton