Re: TI-H: Modems, Chips, and TIs...OH MY!!!


Re: TI-H: Modems, Chips, and TIs...OH MY!!!

>So changing the IO waves from
>	   __________		
>         I	        I
>_____I	        I _______
>	   _____		_______
>_____I	I______I	I____
>wouldn't take less time, because it's not changing as much?

But the question remains, how exactly can you *change* the voltage
levels at the link port pins?  You can have the sensing device
"switch" at different voltage levels (e.g. the schmitt trigger idea)
but changing the +5V, 0V levels at which the link operates is

>Also,I think I remember C=Q/V, so if we could increase the 
>voltave in the line, or decrease the voltage, we could 
>effectivly change it that way, couldn't we?  Can't we do 
>that by adding an amplifier or since  V=IR, could we ajust I or R, by 
>adding some Low value resistors or something to the lines.  My 
>electronic theory gets pretty rough in the middle of the night, so 
>please forgive anything thats totally wrong or off the wall.  Just 
>ehat's spinning through my head.

Amplifying/dividing the signals won't do anything to the actual
voltage levels at the link port pins.  The rise and fall times will
still be identical, unless of course through software you switch the
link lines faster than they truly can go, and this can create timing
nightmares which may be impossible to remedy.

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