Re: ti-emu: Romdump for TI92


Re: ti-emu: Romdump for TI92

At 16:20 1998-03-28 -0500, you wrote:
>I have a TI92, rom version 1.3
>Can anyone help me get a rom dump? i have a graphlink cable.  I've tried 14
>times through hyperterminal, using romdump2,  set to Direct to COM 2, 9600, 8,
>N, 1, hardware.
>I capture it as a textfile, and when it finishes the text file is 1,198,377
>bytes long.
>Then I run ROMCONV on it, and the output is 1,048,551 bytes long.  Which is
>close, but no cigar.  Is there a WIN95 or DOS program that will receive the
>romdump from my calculator, thanks in advance.

Look through the options for your PC software and see that it does not discard NULL bytes and/or modify carriage return/line feed (CR/LF) sequences.

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