[TIB] Re: ti-basic Digest V3 #38


[TIB] Re: ti-basic Digest V3 #38

On Tue, 29 Apr 2003, MyOwnLittlWorld@aol.com wrote:
> Yeah...  Mine's pretty ambitious...  It includes support for pictures (as
> many as you want...  supports ~60 currently, but I still have to draw another
> 56 or so), and has the capability...  well, hey, if you want to actually see
> the source code (in a VERY unfinished form...  only a masochist, idiot, or
> insane person would try to program off of it...), go here:
> http://myownlittlworld.tripod.com/Subfiles/Calc/RPG/RPG.doc

Either the TI-83+ added a _lot_ of features to Basic, or you're
still in the preliminary stages.  Are the [VARIABLE NAME] bits
real 83+ Basic, or are they placeholders for single-letter names?

Anyway, it *does* look ambitious.  Keep it up!