[TIB] Re: Kick-starting the forum


[TIB] Re: Kick-starting the forum

I can't say that I really much read the forums anymore, much less actually have the time to program (with school and all), but here in Ohio, there's one big project going on (big meaning that it takes more ram memory than the calculator is capable of holding)...  An 83+ Basic RPG...  (in first person!)  I've got the source code (it's about 20 pages long, and that's just the engine...), but I don't think that it'll ever be finished...  Primarily two problems, those being the calc's memory limitations (I exceed the 24k by an amazing amount), and the fact that I don't have the time.  With the engine finished though, all I need to do is come up with the story line, pictures, and program it in.  I'm too lazy to make a good storyline too.

I'm the guy responsible for the N-Grams (if anybody's ever heard of them - Search for Edge_Of_the_world on ticalc), but there have been a few updates to my files since the last time I released them, and ticalc's hell to get them updated...

My latest works were double converters...  between degrees and radians, celcius and farenheight, meters and inches, pounds and kilos, etc...  You type in one number (could be in either measurement) and the calc converts your input both ways and displays it like that...  (ie, you put in 360 to the degrees/rad program, and it'll display 20626 and 2pi)

If I ever get the rpg(s) done, I'll be amazed, and I guarantee, that if it runs without an emulator, you will be too...