[TIB] Re: Kick-starting the forum (My Projects)


[TIB] Re: Kick-starting the forum (My Projects)

Things like orbital configurations, relative acidity...

Stuff that Michael's didn't have.  I think I got that one, anyway.  I don't
have my calculator with me, though, so...shrug.

And you're right.  It won't be better than theirs.  But eh; it'll be more
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> Just curious here, TI's periodic table, or the one from Michael Vincent?
> Besides, what do you miss, AFAIK, both of them are pretty complete.
> Is your own periodic table going to be Basic or Assembly? If it's Basic
> I really doubt you can beat those Flash Apps.
> Good luck,
> Rob van Wijk
> > I've also started to work on a periodic table (the FLASH one doesn't
> > everything that I need)
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