[TIB] Re: DOS programming


[TIB] Re: DOS programming

Looks like a TI-89/92?


It might help to put quotes around your strings “cls” and “cd”


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Wednesday, April 16, 2003 5:39 PM
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Subject: [TIB] DOS programming


Hi, I am writing a dos program and a few others and having problems with the if statements

Example code

Input “c:\”,com

If com=cls Then:ClrIO:Goto start:EndIf

If left(com,2)=cd Then:setfold(right(com,3)):goto start:EndIf


It works if I type in cls

But anyother command and it says failed to return a true or false statement…please help.


Also if anyone knows I use flib and flib2 and that makes a list of all the files in the folder, but how do I find out how many vars are in 1 list? This way I can disp them all on the screen. Thanks


Jeremy Butcher

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