[TIB] Re: Integral Variables...


[TIB] Re: Integral Variables...

>To [Tavis]: I'm only using the basic arithmatic operators,
>so I don't really have a worry about wandering outside J.

It is true, but I'm sure anyone reading the archives might
have other ideas whenever they read these, so that point
needed to be addressed anyway.

Going slightly off topic, I want to remind people my name is
spelled Tavis, and is pronounced with a long "a", as in "tape".
Spelling may not seem important when talking directly, but it
can be a big deal if anyone tries to contact me outside of
this list.

>Ah, well.  I'll let everyone know the speed increase (even if it is only 2% 
>or something) when I get back.  Keep a record of all this when the next kid 
>wants to use it.

Sure thing! Maybe you should time the instructions for int, exact,
and exact(int()) while you're at it. It might help people determine
whether their algorithms will perform better with approximate versus
exact answers.

On a side note about performance, I recently modified some
functions in Aim to use less precision in order to gain speed,
such as simplifying expressions containing pi to numeric values
when very few significant digits are needed. Such was done in
the terrain generator, where only whole number accuracy affected
the visible height of the terrain.

>On that note, use subMat()!  What a wonderful function when
>dealing with data in matrices.

I just might try that sometime soon... I need to reorganize my
data before I can take advantage of that function, though.

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