[TIB] Re: Integral Variables...


[TIB] Re: Integral Variables...

You can use exact(int(x)) to force x to become a pure integer. Don't add it 
everywhere, just in key places where you fear floating point numbers would 
sink in. If the floats come from the rand() function, put your multiplier 
inside the rand function... i.e. instead of using exact(int(6*rand())), use 
rand(6).. smaller, faster, and without intervening floats.

>TI-89 question.  And, if it's relevant, I have AMS 2.08 up and running on 
>I would like to force several of my variables into being integers...under
>BASIC.  Why?  Because floating point calcs are nasty and long when you're
>working purely with integers.  Does anyone know of a way to accomplish 
>     Eric

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