RE: TIB: Variable Help?


RE: TIB: Variable Help?

RTFM - now why didn't I think of that. Sorry, I must have missed it. The
geometry index threw me. (I'm an engineer. Don't you know engineers
never read manuals?) Page 491 answered my question. c1-c99 are reserved
Data/Matrix variables.

Thanks for the help.

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> Jeff Barriault wrote:
> > 
> > What is wrong with the following statement:
> > 
> >   Local a1,b1,c1,d1
> > 
> > I keep getting an "Undefined variable" error.
> Try and type in the program, the error could be somewhere else.
> > I just got this TI-92 a
> > couple of days ago, and the documentation leaves much to be desired.
> *suppressed laughter*
> Soory for laughing, somebody must've tricked you. Last I saw, the
> manual
> was bigger than the calculator. And I should know, I have them both
> with
> me at all times.
> > An
> > alphabetical listing of reserved words would be nice. Anyone know
> where
> > to find one?
> RTFM, specifically page 491, System Variables and Reserved Names.
> If you take a look at the index (not the Geometry index mind you,
> which
> they for some reason put _behind_ the general index, Much to my
> initial
> confusion) you'll find the following references:
> reserved names and system variables, 491 (p.512), and
> system variables and reserved names, 491 (p.513).
> If you do not have a 518 page manual you should get back with your
> store
> and complain. There is a small reference manual too, maybe they gave
> you
> that. If you _do_ have the big one, I suggest you take a second glance
> at the pages I referred to. I have until now found only one error in
> the
> reference index, and have always been able to find the info I needed.
> And yes, I use my TI-92 a lot :)
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