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GrafixxHQ wrote:
> >This is kind of related but how do you use int so it goes up?
> >like 1.2 returns 2.
> For this, add .9 to the number and then use int, or another number if you want
> to round up from a certain number (e.g. round up from 1.0000001, then add
> 0.9999999.
> If you want it to round up past the .5, add .5 to the number and use int
> int(VarName +.5)    ;I don't know if this is how you use int for the 83, but
> you get the picture, right  :-)

Int is identical to floor. The opposite function is (intuitively)
Ceiling will do just so: return the smallest integer that is greater
than, or equal to, the input, e.g. 1.2 will return 2, and specifically,
-1.2 will return -1.


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