SD: RE: A83: universal calc issues


SD: RE: A83: universal calc issues

One problem:  We would not include ASH 3 support, choosing the JASS system to avoid too many headaches, and would only stick with ZShell, because other wise, we might have redundant libraries.  Aurora83's API might also be left out in order to save space, but the 83/6 standard and squished programs should be supported.  Right now, we're figuring out what we need to weed out for the ROM library (just a 1to1 replacement in RAM, hopefully not too big)  It calls the ROM, but the progs don't need to know that.
Christopher Kalos
Executive Director/Administrator
Virtual Technologies Developer's Group

Sent: 	Saturday, October 11, 1997 7:02 PM
Subject: 	Re: A83: universal calc issues

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> I'm working on XCalc, an OS to run the entire link-enabled TI8x series.  It

> will include a universal code system that will eliminate the need for 
> recompilation of binaries for each calc, and will hopefully be a bit
> than usgard.  I need recommendations as to what users want, and you guys 
> represent the largest pool of calc-savvy people.  Any recommendations will
> taken quite seriously.
>  	The bytecode issue involves using only z80 opcodes and library calls, and

> we might toss in program relocation in order to facilitate the system.  To 
> top it all off, I would like to include an X*nder psuedo-loader with some 
> level of intelligence.  
>  	I've already established that ROM calls will be used, but only through a 
> library, and the screen size issue should be handled soon.
>  	Before you all laugh, there are 4 of us working on this, so it might be
> able.
>  Thanks,
>  Christopher Kalos
>  Executive Director/Administrator
>  Virtual Technologies Developer's Group

Boy, am I happy someone finally is making a universal language. THANK GOD!
All I want, really, is to be able to have universal games that use lots of
graphics, like SQRXZ, Penguins, or Dadaleus. I was also hoping that you could
make a computer program that you could run the old games through, and
universal games would come out. I would convert the entire archive!