Graph-TI and Calc-TI changes


Graph-TI and Calc-TI changes

Dear Graph- and Calc-TIers,

Thank you for being a part of TI's online user community. We wanted to let
you know about a few changes that are taking place. Because discussion
traffic has been shifting from these email lists to web-based discussion
groups and other online forums, the Graph-TI and Calc-TI lists are planned
for termination by the end of March. For those of you who might also be
subscribed to Calc-TI-Hispano (a Spanish language list) - it will remain

The Graph-TI list was created in April 1992 by Professor Bert Waits of The
Ohio State University and Texas Instruments. The group enjoyed many active
years providing a forum for the free exchange of ideas and discussion of
classroom applications of TI graphing calculators and related products.

As many of you know, there are active alternatives to these forums with our
online discussion groups at We hope
you'll continue to be a frequent participant on these boards with their
ongoing exchange of ideas and opinions. Your input is vital to us at TI as
we strive to provide you with the most useful and up-to-date educational
technology available.

Best regards,

Paul King
Texas Instruments Education Support Team
7800 Banner Dr., MS 3919
Dallas, TX 75251


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