Re: Parallel Link Problems!


Re: Parallel Link Problems!

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>I'm trying to make the parallel port link for my TI-85. Seems like such a
>simple setup, but I must've fouled something up. I run linktest and it gives
>me "should be" values that match for i/o address 278. I run lc85 with the
>parameter 0x278 and it tells me to plug in the calc and send a program. When I
>do this, however, lc85 just times out and I get transmission error 35 on the
>calc. I've checked my wiring several times and it seems okay. Does anyone have
>experience with this sort of problem? I've looked at all the tips and hint I
>could find, but nothing seems to help...any input would be appreciated. I
>would love to get this working!
>Kris Wilk

Have you tried my web page? If you have tried all the link cable hints
on it then email me.

Good luck
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