Re: Restriction of TI-92s (fwd)


Re: Restriction of TI-92s (fwd)

Charles Slaustas wrote:
> 92 look to much like a laptop/subnotebook computer, if they allows these
> into "offical" entrance tests it would set an undisirable president
> towards someone else arguing that if '92 and the like of qwerty
> keyboarded programmible calc into the test, why can't they bring a full
> blown PC-clone Laptop or apple power book?

At my university the ti92 is allowed for all tests, and no one has
complained yet. I think the real problem is that most test would be
to easy to do with a ti92, so until they get some test which test
how good you are at math and not how good you calc is, they con not
allow the ti92.

> Sad times we live in.....
> my little ti85 got me throught calc i to iii, last half of my comp sci
> electives, including much computer graphics classes.
> IE I would have been
> in deep trouble/doo doo with out my spare math brain

You do not need a ti92 for the university, but it is nice to have. One
of my friends who is studying engeneering uses a ti30-stat. Most test
are alot esaier to do with a big calc though.

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