Re: WTB: TI-85 Link Cable


Re: WTB: TI-85 Link Cable

In article <>, Rufus Jefferson Jones
<> writes
>On Sun, 15 Sep 1996 19:18:55 -0500, Dustin Neal <>
>>I am willing to pay $15 if someone will build a link cable for my TI-85.
>>Please reply by Email.
>>Dustin Neal
>The guy who runs that page has a *plan* to start selling his...
>His plans are for the $4 cable...I'd think he'd sell you one for
>around $15.... Try to email him and see....

I think you are talking about the wrong guy.

I run that page, and I do not sell link cables, all I do is provide the
information to build them free of charge on my web page. In fact the
actual link cable plans weren't made by me to start off with: all my
site does is present them in one place with plenty of hints, tips and
other useful information, including links to other web sites for TI-85s.

Thanks for recommending my site though. :-)
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