Re: Ascii Output


Re: Ascii Output

TI has stated that they are not going to provide a Dos version
of their link software.

For the past year organizations have begun to spring up all over
the country to scrounge up old 8088 and 80286 dos computers to
sell real cheap to schools to help them provide more computers
to their students, realizing that any old computer will do for
learning purposes.  The number of Dos computers in schools is
increasing, so I'm told.

I wonder if there is any way to make TI aware of that connection.

Any ideas?


On Sun, 15 Sep 1996, Bernard Domroy wrote:

> Yes, I know that the windows versions of the link software are there.
> However, for certain purposes, it would be nice to be able to go directly
> from a .83p to ascii, or a .92p to ascii, and visa-versa.
> The DOS programs for the 82 and the 85 worked find, but I don't think there
> are corresponding versions for the 83 and 92.  Included with the original
> link package, or perhaps in the FAQ, were the ascii substitutions, like /->/
> and all that stuff.  I have not seen this for the 83 and the 92.  Do they exist?
> Those of us that are teaching AP Stats might want a convenient way to
> convert ascii data into lists for the 83.  In this way one could take an
> excel data file or perhaps a DBase file, output the numbers as ascii, and
> convert to a list which might be downloaded to our students' 83's.
> Any ideas?
> domroy
> P.S.  I can convert a .83p file into something similar to the method used on
> the 82, but lacking any official list of operators, I had to make some up.