[A89] Re: A89: when i say JUMP, you say WHEN?


[A89] Re: A89: when i say JUMP, you say WHEN?

Thanks, I did figure out that the jump opcode was $4EF9... thanks for
verifying that, cause i wasn't sure that I had it correct... and the 4 byte
address after.

But due to some problems with finding the starting address of my program, I
was never able to get the jump to work (i didn't work at it real long though
either)... Someone suggested that I try using the TIGCC asm command... I
almost got that to work... But as you said it turns in to a relative jump
which is 4 bytes... no good if you're copying it somewhere... When i emailed
the list with that asm("start: jmp lbl end:", I hadn't tested it yet so I
didn't realize that that was happening! Any way, I solved my problem, in an
(almost) completely different manner than what I was already thinking! If
someone is curious, just email me at gdietsche@email.com. The method that i
am using now is not optimal, but it works, which is good for testing, I will
have to figure a way to make it nicer in the future...
Right now my code is something like 4 asm commands when it could be changed
into a single jmp...

The reason I needed to know how to do that was because I am working on an
event hook... Everything is good now, I can compile an entire event hook in
c including functions ect... without ANY problems! My method is also
compatible with Kevin Klofer's (his last name looks something like that...)
convention for event hooks!


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> The opcode for a strait up jump is this:
> $4EF9  then the address in big endian. (takes four
> bytes, not three like one might think)
> so to jump to adrr $400000 one would exec:
> 4EF900400000
> Hope that helps.
> - Jeff Flanigan

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