Re: A89: when i say JUMP, you say WHEN?


Re: A89: when i say JUMP, you say WHEN?

Should I just shoot my self now? Or let someone else...

when placed OUTSIDE of a function, this works very nicely with the
appropriate extern statements....

      jmp Alternate

I have had previous experiences that make me wary of putting labels out side
of function... I was using them to calculate function size... When
optimization is turned on, there is no guarantee that a label will stay
where it is. I also didn't think about the fact that more than one statement
could be included in an asm(""); call...

I think that i may set up an extra email account someplace so i can email
myself with stupid questions... Then think about it before sending a
!(well_thought_out) message

Thanks, James for your persistent yelling at me...

> You are right to a point... In order to copy the jump command, i still
> needed to know the size of the jmp instruction that jumps to a (somewhat)
> fixed address...

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