Re: A89: Delays, how do you create them


Re: A89: Delays, how do you create them

On Sunday 18 February 2001 16:06, you wrote:
> so in other words doing this:
> while(!ngetchx())
> {
> }//end while
> is the same as doing this:
> ngetchx();

Yes, the problem is, when the ngetchx function is executed, it takes control 
and nothing else happens until it has finished.  This is just like any other 
function, of course, but ngetchx takes a really long time to finish (it sits 
and waits until a button has been pressed).  It doesn't matter if you put it 
inside a while loop or whatever, it still gets called and it still waits and 
prevents your program from continuing.  kbhit returns immediately even if no 
button has been pressed, and your program continues.  In this case, your 
program would just call kbhit again and again until a key had been pressed.

	James Darpinian