A89: Re: AMS 2.05 and ASM


A89: Re: AMS 2.05 and ASM

i wouldn't worry about what ams you get, I think they all come from the factory with 1.0, mine did and i got it about 4 months ago...
I do program for the TI-89, and my calc is a HW1 ams2.05; I have not had any problems, with the exception that some programs that were written awhile ago cannot be run on the newer ams version
There is a doors version for testing on ams 2.05 at the doors homepage (doors.ticalc.org). I have it on my calc...
it is possible to 'downgrade' if you have a copy of an older ams on your computer (now where did I put that one backup??)

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I have read through the archive of old messages to the list about AMS 2.05 problems with shells and asm programs. I have also read other pages on problems with the new AMS and they said that you couldnt downgrade AMS 2.05 to a lower version if it was released with version 2.05. I just wanted to make sure that this information was wrong and that it does work before I buy a TI89. More than likely the only ones available will be version 2.05 and the reason I'm getting one is so I can program in asm and enjoy the extras that everyone has made for the calculator. Also I read in the list archive that there is supposedly a version of the doors kernel that can run right on 2.05 but does that allow the programs to install and run on it also? Thanks for any help in advance.