A89: Re: Re: Rotating Sprites


A89: Re: Re: Rotating Sprites

Thanks, this is pretty much what I was looking for.

B Clark

> Hi!
> |     I have several ideas for some games, which require displaying a
> | at various angles. I remember something about using matrices to do this,
> but
> | I don't know how to implement this.  I'm looking for a C function which
> can
> | quickly rotate a sprite at various angles. Any ideas?
> Depending on what you want, yes.  If the angles are just 90, 180, and
> 270, this is rather easy to do.  180 just involves switching rows in the
> sprite from the outside to the inside or verse vica.  90 and 270 are
> complicated:  You'll have to test each bit and put it in its new location.
> I don't want to think about any details right now, but the fact is that
> doable.
> All other angles involve a lot of math, especially trigonometry.  For
> sprites, this also reduces quality a lot.  Calculating new positions for
> pixels is really slow as well.  I would recommend vectorizing your sprites
> into polygons and calculating the new points for all corners of the
> polygons.  Again, this involves trig; remember that floating point
> are slow.  I don't want to go into any detail here; I assume you can do
> math.
> Sorry if I wasn't able to help a lot.
> Bye,
> Sebastian