Re: A86: Re: TI-86 for sale


Re: A86: Re: TI-86 for sale

I'll give you $.25, a bag of Butterfinger BB's, 7 Cheez Ums flavored 
pringles and some backwashed Mountain Dew for you to spill on your new 92+  


btw I stopped caring about 86 about a month after mine was "stollen" back in 
I was really pissed because I let it happen.
I was in my Calculus class, and I let the girl next to me borrow it for the 
class, but I forgot to get it back from her (I think), and either: she lost 
it, she left it, or I did get it back but someone stole it from my bag (very 
After I didn't want to buy a new one because I had hardly ever used it after 
I got my 89, so I've been 86less ever since :~{

>Is that the calculator that you were saying you threw on the ground the
>other day? Right after you spilled that mountain dew all over it?
>I'll give you $.25 and a bag of M&M's

> > I'm selling one of my extra TI-86 graphic calculators for $45 dollars. 
> > your interested let me know.
> > There are scratches where I wrote my name in it but otherwise it works
> > great. With manual. I'm selling it cheap to help pay for this TI-92+
> > calculator I'm buying..
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > Matt Johnson
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