Re: A86: Re: .86p


Re: A86: Re: .86p

hello.86s containing the string "hello":

**TI86**                                                hello  helloU

Notice the  immediately following the first hello, the variable name (the 
second is the actual content on the calc).

In a message dated 6/12/00 6:31:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 

> No, it is correct.  That was a bug in the first version that I released.  It
>  is supposed to be padded to 8 characters if the name is less than 8.  As 
>  16k, you can change the size to work with larger files, at the time I wrote
>  it 16k was more than enough.
>  > >From examining files created by saving from VTI, it appears that your
>  routine
>  > will only work with files with 8 letter variable names, because it looks
>  like
>  > it just stops after the filename and a space, rather than putting in a
>  buffer
>  > for all of them.  Here's some C++ code I've been working on to write a
>  string
>  > (based loosely on David's), but I'm not sure if it works either...

Jonah Cohen