A86: Re: Re: [ot] any ideas on an algo for this game?


A86: Re: Re: [ot] any ideas on an algo for this game?

The Atari 2600 did have some really neat games.  It was a lot harder to
program that the calc, too.  I might download Star Raiders.  I remember
seeing stuff about it, and one of the boxes of 2600 stuff I got a garage
sale had the pad with the Star Raiders card, but no game :-/

> This is a link to a site with bunches of well written code.
> These are the way to make stable, fun, low cpu FUN games.
> http://shell.ihug.co.nz/~aaronat/atari.html
> Has loads of awesome games
> good digdug version
> Survivor is fun
> great defender version
> Star raiders--must port
> Worm War 1
> Super Huey...
> let me check my drawers for cartradges
> Miner2049r
> Apple Panic
> Moon Patrol
> Submarine Commander
> These are all super awesome on the Atari8bit.

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