A86: odd thing


A86: odd thing

Hey- Everybody just slow down with the silly TI conspiracy theory, you are
     assuming way to much intelligence on our part.

     When the TI-86 was released the following blurb was given 
     concerning the TI-86 assembly language access :

     "For programmers interested in working with Z80 assembly 
     language on the TI-86, background documentation on parts of
     the TI-86 system design will also be made available. 
     Some preliminary information is provided below:"

     This is still what appears on our web-site.

     No where does it say that every aspect of the TI-86 will be 
     documented for ASM programming. It specifically states that 
     'parts' will be though.  

     The main focus of ASM for the TI-86 was base on making it
     accessible to the users with no need of a back-door as was
     the case on the 85. 

     We started to give information out for ASM programming on the 
     83 as an experiment to see if there would be an interest, and
     there was. We also wanted to see what level of support was 
     going to be demanded by the users. We were not overwhelmed
     with the 83 and decided to offer more support for the 86 and
     we have. 

     Our intent was not for ASM programmers to have access to 
     all 86 ROM routines. The intent was to give you a way 
     to use your 86 to develop Z80 machine language programs.
     The amount of information concerning the display and 
     keyboard and memory structure and the numerous support
     routines is more than enough for someone who knows how
     program in Z80 to develop some quality programs. 

     We are not teaching how to write Z80 code, we are offering
     the environment in which you can, if you chose to. 

     All of the support that comes from TI is generated by myself
     alone. I pushed TI to open up these systems starting with the 83
     and I would like to think that it is better to have this limited
     support as opposed to no support that was given when the 85
     was 'cracked'. 

     So, enough with the crazy theories and other speculations. We want
     to help you not hinder you, but  be realistic there is 195k of
     Z80 code on the 86 we can't teach you all there is. It is difficult
     for people that work here to come up to speed on a lot of the things
     that you want and also that I posted, so don't expect to get all the
     answers via E-mail it's not possible. 

     Just have fun with the ASM, I still monitor this list and others and
     I will as long as it stays friendly. I do most of this stuff on my own
     because I think its worth it still.