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In a message dated 5/6/99, 8:19:02 PM, writes:
<<doh!  is that the only DLL that is missing?  i forgot about the DLL's that
are used by Symantec's java compiler!  I thought the executable seemed a
little on the small side.    Well, glad it worked though.

Yep, it's the only one, but I found it.  I am really impressed. Basically, 
since I can put .db's into picture format now I can compress data with ZCP 
and uncompress it at will! You just made better graphics on my game possible. 
Anything I can do for you? Oh, also, would you mind if I post ti85file.exe on  If I do, you'll get full credit and probably a news 
article about it. :)  Just curious...

-Josh Morris, Macross Software