Re: A85: Re: Help!!!


Re: A85: Re: Help!!!

*hopefully* it takes a binary data file and converts it into the ti85 file
type of your choice.  it may work, it may not.  i think it works for
strings, but that is what it was originally designed for.  i'm hoping
DorkReMi will tell me if it works with a picture (85i) file.

-mike pearce

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> << Well, just to piss everyone in the list off, i have attached a file :(.
>  sorry.  Anyways, hopefully this works correctly.  I tried it with a text
>  file and the letters "asdf" and it came out ok (except for the extra 2
>  appended on the end of the file by MS).  tell me if it works for you.
>  anyone else can feel free to use the source code (it's in java).
>  -mike pearce >>
>  What exactly does it do again...?