A85: Re: Help!!!


A85: Re: Help!!!

i would think the easiest way to do this would be to make a :
1. compile your ".db"s to make them into an object file using tasm
2. use string85 to convert object code to a 85 string
3. here would be the hardest part.  i don't know the differences between an
85i and a 85s, but if it is only 1 byte for the variable type (which i am
assuming it is), just change this byte to tell the calc it is an "i" instead
of an "s" file type.  then locate the checksum and update it based on the
byte you changed - this would require a separate program... but only a small

Possibly not too difficult.  Ah, but screw it.  If you will tell me the
differences between a 85i and a 85s, i have a java 85 string program which i
could easily convert to take an object file as output by tasm and output a
85i - at least i think it would be easy.

-mike pearce

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> I know some of you guys are completely capable of writing DOS programs, so
> I'm gonna ask for a (what I think is) small favor.  Would anyone out there
> able to write a DOS utility that takes 1024 bytes of an ASM data file,
> .db %10101010, %10110101, etc...
> in that format and makes them into an 85i? If there was anyone who could
> this I would be eternally grateful! Thanks!
> -Josh Morris
>  dorkremi@aol.com

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