LZ: A new programming question


LZ: A new programming question

I have question about memory.  Say I have the letters a through e stored in
memory locations $80DF through $80E3 and I want to delete the b stored in
$80E0 and then shift the contents of the rest of the memory that I have used
to take up the slack so it would look something like this:

(This isn't assembly language, just a table of values)
Before:         After:
$80DF = a       $80DF = a
$80E0 = b       $80E0 = c
$80E1 = c       $80E1 = d
$80E2 = d       $80E2 = e
$80E3 = e       $80E3 = nothing

Is there a short and fast way of doing this?
Nathan Adams
"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool,
than to speak out and remove all doubt."