Re: LZ: Link Protocol


Re: LZ: Link Protocol

Tim Lee wrote:
> If you are implying that a modem is possible for the 85, then this could
> be interesting.
> you may want to check out FTERM for the 92 that allows modem dialing.
> lse has anytrhing to add, please do SO!
> A modem for my 85 would be really cool.

Ok, now I don't know if I should be credited for being the first 
person to get on the internet for a TI-85 or not, but that isn't the 
issue.  I have been beta testing a terminal program by Alan Bailey for 
about a month.  The terminal program is called ZTerm (unforunate name 
I think) and it is VERY beta (I mean extremely).  Now, Yes, I got the 
modem to dial a number with ATDT and got into my account, but.....

The speeds of the link and my modem don't work right, or something, 
and everything comes through pretty garbled.  There is not yet any 
special characters, so I can't send E-mail, or go on IRC.  So I don't 
have any proof.  But his email address is  
I don't know if he wants any more beta testers or not, I don't think 
he does.  But you can try.

Eric Barker