Re: LZ: A number printing routine


Re: LZ: A number printing routine

>Yes, the call UNPACK_HL, which loads the ones digit
>into hl?, or de?, and then the next time it loads the
>tens digit into the byte lower.  These will have to
>be converted to ascii characters before doing D_LM_STR
>The routine might be somewhere on, or i
>could get it out if you really need it now.
Well, no.  Not really.  UNPACK_HL is for printing the value in hl as 
a decimal number.  It will put a number in a (0-9) which can then be 
printed using M_CHARPUT or stored in a string and printed later 
(using D_ZM_STR or D_LM_STR).

What I really need is something that will print the value in a (0-
255), not hl, as a decimal number.  Got it?  ;)