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This is how I'm learnig the language too. Although I've made some
assembly programs with C64 a long time ago. The basic idea of the
assembly language for both machines is same. I used to have a good
Finnish book called something like "From basic to machine language".
This book was really helpfull at the beginning.

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> I learned Z80 assembly for zshell the way you have been trying to.  I
> downloaded all the text files on zshell programming I could find.  The best
> way to learn, I think, is to read all that you can find and to practice by
> writing simple programs.  Every time I start a new project I learn a lot of
> new things about assembly and zshell. A few things I still haven't figured
> out are what or and xor do and what carry is.  So if anybody wants to
> enlighten me as to their uses I'd be greatful.  I started assembly for
> zshell only a few weeks ago and right now I'm writing simple text editor as
> practice.  Although it's turning out to be not so simple.  Anyway, a good
> place to start is the TI-85 programming tutorial at
> and the text files and links at
> At 03:37 12/9/96 -0000, you wrote:
> >Hi.  I am really trying to learn how to make a program for ZSHELL.  I have
> >downloaded numerous help files and lessons, without much luck.  I was wondering
> >how some of you learned to program.  Any information about who taught you, or
> >what books you have read would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks
> >
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