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LZ: Re:

According to Will Stokes:
>In responce to the person who thought the title was too long, its not,
>that is not the prob. THe un-cut versio of the prog (which goes to a
>selectio scren with picture too) does not lock the calc. Unless you select
>to start the game and thus run nasr to draw background. Does anybody have
>any sugestions as to what I'm doing wrong with nASR? For that matter, has
>anybody else out there successfully used NASR? If you have, what am I
>doing wrong?
>			Will Stokes

I will send a copy of a game I never bothered to complete - it successfully
used NASR.  For that matter, if you resend me the source to your thing I'll
look through it.  A 
few quick problems I found:

1) When you tell it what location to blit to, (0,0) is the lower left
corner.  Your
coordinates for the location start at the upper right - to place the sprite
in the
lower left corner, your locations would be it's width and height.

2) Are you using NASR 2.1 or NASRWARP?  I used NASRWARP, which doesn't have that
annoying surrounding blankness - you will have to change the JR instruction
at the very
end of the NASRWARP routine to JUMP_ - the distance is too long, but it
reportedly compiles correctly anyway on some versions of TASM.  *shrug*

3) Make sure your a-b-c numbers that go before each sprite are correct.
Otherwise NASRWARP will crash.

4) Make sure your buffer is big enough when you define the space - how big
are your

Just send me the source and I will dig through, and see what the prob is.

Hope I can help,
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