LZ: RE: ZPad


LZ: RE: ZPad

This looks great, I'm looking forward to seeing it.
Something that would make this program even better is add the ability of dynamically replacing all the addresses in a program -- an address table added automatically.
	I'm using somehing like this for Daedalus, and it's a real pain to work with.  If you automated it, it would be great, and we'd have much faster games :)

If you want I'll send you my code for the replace -- this could be included automatically in programs with the address-table option set to true, or something like that.
	Once again, I'm looking forward to this program, since using dos can be kind of a pain.  Thanks alot!

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Just incase you didn't know, I'm making a new
Windows based link software for TI-85. I'm thinking
of releasing a test version soon. Further information
at address below.
Kari Brown, eekabr@tpu.fi
Author of ZPad Link Software for TI-85
Check It Out, http://www.tpu.fi/~eekabr/

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