Re: LZ: a little 'bug' in ZShell 4.0


Re: LZ: a little 'bug' in ZShell 4.0

On Mon, 2 Dec 1996, Will Stokes (3D Diamond productions / Global Games) wrote:

> > I found this a little while ago.  If you would like to bypass the 
> > 'credits' at the end of zshell as a teacher protect or something, you can 
> > do this.  Type up this program:
> > 
> > DispG
> > Pause
> > 
> > run it, then run zshell.  It will automatically clear the credits away.  
> > Kinda weird.
> this is not a bug in zshell, see after executing this prog. you are left
> in the graph screen. You prog has nothing to do with it. try this, start
> zshell while in the graph screen. It still does it. Not a bug, but I can't
> expalin it right now (kinda tired right now)

starting zshell in the graph screen is exactly what this program is for.  
The thing is that I can see the words appear, then automatically be 
cleared away again.

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