Re: LZ: link


Re: LZ: link

> >> How can you switch .85s files to 85g files?????
> >Just rename .85s to .85g and it will work.
> By using the edit command in dos?????

No, by doing "move somesuch.85s somesuch.85g" in DOS, "mv somesuch.85s
somesuch.85g" in Unix, under Mac-OS & X-Windows, selecting "s" and typing
"g", and, under MS Windows, doing god-knows-what.  We're talking about
filenames, here, not something in the file.

> When you do switch them do you have to put them in the same directory as
> your link software???

  Not with any link software I know, though the commands to change
directory aren't always obvious (they have confusing names like "CD" :) -
you should be familiar with your OS, though; you might have to specify a

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