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Re: A83: (no subject)

In accordance with the prophecy, Bryan Rabeler uttered:

> Well the Winter Soliace (sp?) is exactly on December 23rd and Christmas is
> exactly on December 25th.  Not the same day. :)

(sigh - I actually joined in on this thread)...

It's called Winter Solstice, and it is a term used even today, to refer to
the longest night of the year. After the winter solstice, the days start
getting longer again.

In Sweden, we don't call it Christmas, we call it "Jul", which is of course
related to the English word Yule. Yule was celebrated long before
Christianity entered the scene, simply because 1. You want to have a feast to
cheer yourself up in the middle of the winter, when it's cold and dark and 2.
You won't have enough food to be able to feed all your cattle during the
winter, so you have to slaughter some animals and eat them, the outcome of
which is a very big meat eating party.

As for y2k being the next milenium or not, I don't want to join the
discussion. However, (not necessarily saying that I agree with it) here is an
interesting text:

      "First learn computer science and all the theory. Next develop a
      programming style. Then forget all that and just hack."
                                                    -- George Carrette
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