A83: Re: (no subject)


A83: Re: (no subject)

If the entire tip is inside the link port, then not really.  You can either
send it in to TI or risk taking it apart.

Bryan Rabeler

"The last thing we want is a "cover-up."  ...there's no reason to take out
intelligent and purely speculative posts. Even if they're true." - Chris
Dornfeld, 4 November 1998

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> To stop talking about Y2K, melliums, bugs, etc. I got a problem "Does
> know how to take out the tip of the link cable out of the port!" Becuse
> tip of the link cable is stuck inside my calculator (it still works
> sometimes) and i need to know how to get out. Plus i'm sorry i said "Happy
> Mellium" to everybody becuse i didn't think people would NITPICK at me.
> sorry for anybody who was annoyed by this.

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