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Re: A83: (no subject)

Daan {DreAdFaq} Schulpen wrote:
> >Anyway, it's interesting to see how everybody is basing their date
> >calculations off of the Gregorian calendar.  We all know that time existed
> >before that arbitrary point known as "Christ's birth" (viz. Greek
> >civilization); so where does that come into play when dealing with how many
> >millenia have passed?
> Actually, we didn't start counting when Christ was born. Christ was actually
> born in 4 AD or BC, I'm not sure...

Muwahahah... nope.  After *they* (see note) figured out this stuff about
every four years we have an extra day, they went back and recalculated
everything.  When calculated with leap years, Jesus was born ~6 B.C.
     - Matthew

> DreAd

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