Re: A83: Re: Binary<>Hex Conversion Program????


Re: A83: Re: Binary<>Hex Conversion Program????

Heh.. Bin <-> Hex is so easy, that you should be able to do it by hand.
just divide the bin into groups of four, and write down the hex.
hex-> bin, every hex is 4 bits. With some practise you do it faster in your
head, then it takes to enter it in the calc.
And you exercise your brain, and gets smarter too.


David Phillips wrote:
> Yeah.  The Windows Calculator.  Use the F5-F8 keys to convert between bases.
> It's very handy.  I use it all the time when progrmaming.
> >    Is there a program out there for the 83 that will convert Hex to Binary
> > and vice versa?
> >
> >    I have a friend who needs an easier way to convert for asembly language
> > programming.
> >
> > Thanks Folks,