Re: A83: Re: Asm God???


Re: A83: Re: Asm God???

In accordance with the prophecy, Scott Dial uttered:

> All I got to say is, even if it was a coding mistake it could have
> occured from rewriting the routines and OH F***ING WELL IT IS ONE
> F***ING BYTE! and yes I obviously see other optimizations to be had but
> refer to the above statement and modify it some...

> Jimmy Conner wrote:
>> --- Harper Maddox <> wrote:
>>> How can you be sure that you this series is ,in
>>> fact, instruction opcodes
>>> and not the "coincidental" data segment.

Amen. Now, I don't think Bill Nagel is any asm god, some of his coding is
crappy and that is apparent even without disassembling any of it. I've heard
he was the/a ti-83 asm pioneer, and he deserves respect for that, but he's
not the best. _However_, he still shouldn't be judged by one fscking ret.

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