A83: Re: Quick Question on Ipoint


A83: Re: Quick Question on Ipoint

First of all, I don't think that ipoint changes the z flag, but anyway...
The Z flag is really just a bit in the F register (F is for Flags).
There are four instructions you can do in a conditional case: jr, jp, call, and ret.
 ld a,5
 cp 5          ; Compares 5 to A, sets appropriate flags
 jr z,Ais5    ; Jumps if the zero flag is set (which it should be)

Is that what you were asking for?

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I know that Ipoint can be used to test pixels, and I've read that it toggles 
a Z flag, 0 being on, and 1 being off (I believe, might be other way 
around). How do I access the data in Z to check it?