A83: Re: Mem alloc...


A83: Re: Mem alloc...

you really dont alloc memory in assembly, since technically you can write to
anything you want.
However you can access a large amount of free memory that will not cause
Probably the most popular of these areas is SAVESCREEN, the apd buffer,
which is a 768 byte area of usable memory.

If this does not satisfy your request you can use the 128 byte TEXT_MEM or
the somewhere around 240 byte STAT_RAM.  And if you still need more then you
can keep the data resident within your program in the form of a ".defs xxxx"
after a label and access the data as follows

 ld hl,FreeMemory        ; pointer to free 1000 byte array

 ld a,(hl)               ; get the data from the first line in the array

 .defs 1000

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> What's the way to alloc xxxx bytes, and where is the pointer to these
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