Re: A83: (A bunch of Re:s) Problem with a program


Re: A83: (A bunch of Re:s) Problem with a program

In accordance with the prophecy, uttered:

> Well, it seems that a lot of people have a good idea for the loop, but what 
> about the output/storing the answer?  I don't want to have to try and fool 
> around with the user lists anymore :(

> -Rangsk

If you only want the average, you're best off calculating that and displaying
it. I'd do such a program by having a variable ("x"). Then, for
every toss, change x to

[old value of x]*number_of_tosses_excluding_this_one + outcome_of_this_toss

Make a loop to toss a coin, display the value of the variable, then loop back
until the user interrupts the procedure. If the value approaches 1/2, you can
conclude that the probability of getting heads is equal to the probability of
getting tails.

Of course, you'd have to include the reasoning behind this formula in your
report, but it shouldn't be hard to grasp.

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