Re: A83: Re: Rom image addressing


Re: A83: Re: Rom image addressing

Yes, that is how they are ordered by all of the rom dumping programs that I
know of.

>   Are they in any specific order like rom page 1 is
> $4000-7fff, 2 is $8000-$bfff, 3 is $4000-7fff, ect...
> or they ordered different?  This would seem the most
> logical.

Oops.  Wrong list :)  Yes, 83 specific.  You need a dissassembler that knows
that the first 16k will be at $0000, and the rest of the 16k blocks will be
at $4000.

> > You're
> > really going to need an 86 specific dissassembler if
> > you want to have much
> > luck.
>  Do you mean a 83 specific?  If not why? I wouldn't
> really think so, z80 is z80.

That should work just as well.

>   Ya I've already been this route, I just wanted to do
> something new. I was writing a dissassembler and say
> 'Hey why not dis the rom?'.  The dissassembler works
> pretty flawlessly with a few exceptions, so the rom
> really shouldn't be a big problem, I just have to cut
> up the rom image and do the different pages seperately
> to advoid the address conflicts.