Re: A83: OT: Off topic, but interesting


Re: A83: OT: Off topic, but interesting

In accordance with the prophecy, Nathan Gaylinn uttered:

> Is it possible to have a rom chip w/ the same i/o set up as the ram chip
> in a TI calc? What changes would have to be made? I know this is out
> there, but the implications are wonderful, a plug in cartridge w/ an
> entire calc's ram stored in it permanently! Is this possible? Has this
> been considered before? I want input. What do you guys think?

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Am I getting this right? Are you suggesting a ROM chip for $8000-$ffff?
Because how would you be able to use your calc without RAM? And even if you
had RAM installed at all the fixed RAM locations and ROM in user space, you
wouldn't be able to calculate anything on the home screen, because where
would the input buffer go? And the floating point / operator stacks?

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